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CGS Creations started in St. Louis, MO with a purpose to fill our clients spaces with premium handcrafted decor and uniquely designed creations.

We launched online in 2020 with a few selected rag tie garlands for special occasions and have continued to expand our product line with a mission to provide an exceptional experience to every customer.

Why CGS Creations

The company name came from a couple of my favorite things in the world; the initials of my 3 beautiful children and my love to create new pieces for our home. Before CGS Creations was even a thought, my family & friends were asking me to make crafts, holiday decor, and birthday banners.

I'm not sure CGS Creations would even exist if it were not for my family. It has organically grown to something great over the years and the letters CGS is my way to always keep my passions connected.

- Crystal, Creator & Owner